Silk’n Pro Home Laser Hair Removal Review

The Silk’n Pro is another at home laser hair removal device from the Silk’n company.  Very similar to the SensEpil, the Silk’n Pro uses the very same technology (Home Pulsed Light) that provides users with permanent hair removal at a fraction of the cost of professional treatments.  This FDA approved device can be used for the removal of unwanted or unsightly body and facial hair on women, as well as men.  However, the Silk’n Pro is available with white base with a blue handle.

Silk’n Pro vs. SensEpil

Where on the body can the Silk’n Pro be used?

The Silk’n Pro is designed to be safe for all parts of the body, as well as the neck and face.  Note: Users should not use the device near or around their eyes, as this could cause serious eye damage.  However, the device comes with a built-in safety feature that inhibits the device from emitting a pulse of light into open air.  In order to emit a pulse, the device’s applicator tip must be in full contact with the skin being treated.

The Silk’n Pro can safely be used on the arms, legs, hands, feet, underarms, bikini area, stomach, and it can even remove back hair.  The device is equally as effective on all parts of the body.  It can even be removed on the face to remove facial hair.

Silk’n Pro (left), Silk’n SensEpil (right)

How is the Silk’n Pro used?

The Silkn Pro is used in the same manner as the Silkn SensEpil.  Before either device is used, the area being treated should be shaved, cleaned, and dried, with no makeup, lotions, or other cosmetic products on it.  After the device is powered on, the applicator tip is applied to the skin, and a pulse of high-energy light can be emitted.  After one pulse has been emitted, the applicator wand should be moved to a different area of the skin.  For the best results, users should move in rows across his or her skin, taking special care to avoid treating the same part of the skin more than one time.

Typically, treating an area can be done very quickly.  A treatment will vary depending on how large the treatment area is.  However, users can expect to use 4 to 6 flashes for each underarm, 7 to 10 flashes for the bikini area, 100-150 flashes for each full leg, and about 150 flashes for a man’s back.

The user’s first three or four sessions with the Silk’n Pro and the Silk’n SensEpil should occur one time every two weeks.  After these initial at home laser hair removal sessions, the following four to five sessions should occur about four weeks apart.  After this, treatments should be performed as necessary, which should be rarely.

How does the Silk’n Pro work?

The technology behind the Silk’n Pro is the same as the Silk’n SensEpil.  Both devices use a technology called Home Pulsed Light (HPL).  HPL technology emits a flash of light energy onto the part of the body that is being treated.  This light selectively targets a pigment in the root of the user’s hair called melanin.  This flash of light heats the hair, and the hair’s growth is disabled.  Since the hair can no longer grow, users are left with smooth and silky skin that is hair-free.

Because of the way this technology works, however, it is important to understand that the Silk n Pro, and the SensEpil, should not be used by individuals with naturally dark skin.  The pigment that is targeted in the hair (melanin) is also present in the skin.  Those with a naturally dark complexion have a high amount of melanin in his or her skin.  Using either device on skin that is too dark could cause burns or blistering.  However, the SensEpil has a built-in skin sensor that measures the user’s complexion.  If it is deemed too dark, a pulse will not be emitted, and no adverse side effects can occur.

Side Effects of the Silk’n Pro

When used properly, the Silkn Pro and the Silkn SensEpil have minimal side effects.  Some users have reported some minor skin discomfort during treatment.  These users described this as a mild stinging on the parts of the skin that are being treated.  This stinging, however, usually only lasts during the duration of the application, or for just a few minutes afterward.

Some skin redness can be expected during a treatment with the Pro or the SensEpil.  This redness can occur immediately, or it can take as long as 24 hours to occur.  However, the redness of the skin typically subsides after 24 hours.

After each hair removal session, users may experience slightly increased skin sensitivity on the parts of the skin that were treated.  Additionally, dryness or flaking of the skin is not uncommon after a treatment.

There are also some very rare side effects of the Silk’n Pro and the Silk’n SensEpil.  Some users have experience skin wounds and burns.  If these begin to occur, treatment should be stopped immediately.  Hypopigmentation (skin whitening) and hyperpigmentation (skin darkening) can also occur when using the devices.  These are extremely rare, and occur more frequently in those with naturally darker skin complexions.  These pigment changes in the skin are usually only temporary.

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