no!no! vs. Tria Hair Removal Devices

The Devices

The no!no! hair removal device is a small, handheld, wireless hair removal unit designed to remove unwanted or unsightly body hair.  Hair removal is accomplished with the use of the unit’s Thermicon tips.  The no!no! comes with wide, or narrow tips, depending on the part of the area being treated.  These tips are replaceable, and inexpensive.  The no no hair removal device also features an easy to read display.  This display indicates the remaining battery power, the current treatment level, and the Thermicon tip status.  This informs the user when it is time to replace the Thermicon tips.  The no!no!’s battery is designed to provide about two to three hours of continuous use.  This gives users ample time to treat their entire body.

The Tria hair removal device is also handheld, although larger than the no!no!.  Like the no!no!, the Tria uses a rechargeable battery.  This battery delivers enough power for about 30 minutes of continuous use.  This is enough time to treat the bikini line and both underarms, or the legs.  It also features an easy to read display, with the remaining battery power, as well as the treatment level.

How the Devices Are Used

The no!no! is a very easy to use device.  With two Thermicon tips to choose from (wide or narrow), users can treat a variety of areas of her (or his) body.  The device’s wide Thermicon tip is intended to be used to treat larger areas, such as the legs, arms, chest, and back.  The no!no!’s narrow Thermicon tip is designed to treat smaller or more sensitive regions, including the bikini area, and the face.  With three different power settings to choose from, users of the no!no! can utilize the setting that is best for them.  Hair removal is accomplished simply by gliding the no!no! hair removal device across the users skin, with the device at a 90-degree angle to the skin.  A light guides the user as they perform hair removal.  When the device is being used properly, a blue light is illuminated.  If it is being used too fast, or too slow, a red light is lit.  This helps ensure that the device is being used correctly, and eliminates the guesswork from the hair removal process.  For the best results, the user’s hair should be about stubble length.  After an area has been treated, users should buffer his or her skin with the included no!no! buffer pads.  These pads exfoliate the skin, and remove any residual hair that may be left on the user’s skin.  Hair removal with the no!no! is intended to be performed twice a week for about six weeks.

The Tria hair removal device also utilizes variable power settings, allowing users to perform hair removal treatments at a power with which they are comfortable.  Before the Tria is used, the user’s skin should be cleansed, shaved, and dried.  After choosing the appropriate power setting, the user places the device on the part of the skin being treated.  The built-in skin sensor measures the user’s skin tone to ensure that it is safe for treatment (why this is important is mentioned below).  If the user’s skin can be treated safely, users place the treatment area on the part of the skin that they want to treat.  After the device beeps (this indicates that the treatment of that area is complete), the wand is moved ¼-inch, and the next area is treated.  For the best results of the Tria, users should perform hair removal sessions once every two weeks, for about six months.  Note: The Tria hair removal device will only work on black or brown hairs.  It is also not safe to use on darker skin tones.  This reason behind this is clarified in the following section.

The Technology of the no!no! vs. the Tria Hair Removal Systems

The no!no! hair removal device uses a gentle heating from the Thermicon tip to crystallize hair.  This crystallization disables the hair’s growth.  This means that hair grows back slower, and in smaller amounts than before treatment.  Because of the technology used by the no!no!, it can be used on any skin tone, and with any hair color.

The Tria uses the same technology that is utilized in professional laser hair removal clinics.  This at-home laser hair removal technology, called Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses pulses of bright light that quickly heats the hair, and disables its growth.  The light from Tria targets a specific component in the hair called melanin.  This dark component allows the hair to be heated rapidly, and efficiently.  However, there is a drawback to this technology…  Melanin is also a pigment found in the skin, and in high quantities in those with darker skin tones.  This is the reason Tria, and other similar devices, should not be used by those with dark skin.  Users with dark skin tones may experience unpleasant side effects when using the Tria, such as burns, or skin pigmentation changes, which may be permanent.  The Tria hair removal device will also be ineffective at removing light blonde, white, grey, or red hairs.

Results of the no!no! and the Tria

When used twice a week for about six weeks, users of the no!no! hair removal device have experienced a 94% reduction in hair regrowth, even after several weeks without a treatment.  It is important to note that the longer the no!no! is used, the better the user’s results will be.  However, the no!no! does provide permanent hair removal when used properly.

The Tria also delivers great permanent hair removal.  The device should be used once every two weeks for about 6 months.  After this time period, users should only have to perform occasional touch ups.

How Much Do the no!no! and the Tria Hair Removal Devices Cost?

The Tria hair removal system sells for $395.  This is much cheaper than what users would expect to spend in professional hair removal clinics.

The no!no! 8800 hair removal device can be purchased for the low price of only $270.  This is an exceptional bargain, considering a single hair removal session in a professional setting could easily cost as much as $500 and up.  After the initial purchase of the device, users should only occasionally have to replace the Thermicon tips (for a limited amount of time).  These can be purchased for only about $12 each.

Overview of the no no vs. Tria

The Tria and the no!no! 8800 each deliver permanent hair removal results from the comfort and privacy of the user’s own home.  The no!no! is lightweight, easy to use, and easy to maneuver on any part of the user’s body (with some exceptions).  Additionally, unlike the Tria, the no!no! is safe to use on the face, for treating above the lip, below the chin, or around the sideburns.  With its price, and all the device is capable of, the no!no! is an exceptional bargain for those looking for permanent hair removal.

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