No!No! At-Home Hair Removal System – Is It Legit or A Scam?

The no!no! hair removal system is a small, compact device that lets users get professional quality hair removal at home.  With just a few uses a week for a couple of months its users can have the smooth, silky skin they have always wanted, from the privacy of their own home.

The no!no! hair removal device is very easy to use.  The device rolls along the surface of the user’s skin, and as it does so, it painlessly removes unwanted or unsightly body hair.  Not only is the device safe to use on most parts of the body, but it can also safely be used on the face, unlike some other at-home hair removal products.  Users can use the no no to remove hair from their legs, arms, underarms, bikini area, and face.  The device can also be used by men to remove back hair, chest hair, and neck hair.

Unlike many other home laser hair removal systems, it is designed to work for any individual.  Some of these hair removal devices will not work on individuals with dark skin.  They are also ineffective for those with light, grey, or red hair.  It, however, is different.  This device works on any skin tone, and any hair color.  The technology of the system makes permanent hair removal a possibility for a wider number of individuals.

So how does it work?

The no!no! works by heating the individual’s hairs as it glides across the skin.  This damages the individual hairs.  Over time, and with repeated use, this process results in damage to the hair, and the hair will not grow back.  This leaves the user’s skin smooth and hair-free.  In fact, with multiple uses, it results in about a 94% reduction in hair regrowth.  These results are outstanding, especially when the price of the device is taken into account.

Traditional hair removal options, although they may seem inexpensive, can actually have a fairly significant long-term cost.  The purchasing of razors is on-going, and the cost shaving creams and lotions can add up quickly.  Hair removal waxes are messy, harsh, and can be expensive as well.  Additionally, users can experience nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs, chemical burns, or uncomfortable plucking when using any of these standard hair removal treatments.

Professional hair removal treatments can be extremely costly.  A full treatment involves multiple sessions that take a long time, and are also very expensive.  The treatment of just one part of the body can cost as much as several hundred dollars for each session!  With multiple sessions involved for complete results, the cost of laser hair removal treatments in a clinical setting can quickly become much more than many people can afford.  The no!no!, however, is a much more affordable option.  With the nono, users can get the same results as a professional clinic at a fraction of the cost.  For just $280, and the cost of about $12 for an occasional replacement Thermicon tip,  its users can get high-quality permanent laser hair removal from home.

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