How To Use the no!no! Hair Removal System?

The no!no! hair removal device from Radiance is a quick and easy way to get permanent hair removal results at a fraction of the cost of professional laser hair removal treatments.  Before explaining how to use the device, it is important to understand a few basics.  The no!no! comes with two Thermicon tips, which are responsible for hair removal, a narrow, and a wide tip.  The narrow tip is designed for treating sensitive areas, such as the bikini area, or the face.  The wide tip is best for large treatment areas, such as the arms, legs, chest, or back.

The following is a step by step guide for how to use the no!no! hair removal system:

First, the device must be charged.  Before its first use, it should be charged for at least 5 hours, or overnight.  Next, it needs to be assembled.  Remove the cover from the no!no!, and install the appropriate Thermicon tip.  Before the device is used on a large part of the body, it should first be tested, to ensure that the user will not have an adverse reaction to its hair removal technology.  This should be done on a small and discreet portion of the user’s face.  After treatment, wait for one hour.  If no reaction occurs, the user may continue with treatment.  However, if any discomfort or other reaction occurs, the no!no!’s use should be discontinued.

1.  Press the On/Off button on the top of the no no hair removal device.  This button may need to be held for several seconds before it turns on.  When the device is on, the Status Screen will be displayed on the LCD.

2.  After the device is turned on, the Treatment Level indicator appears first, and automatically switches to the Tip Status icon as gliding begins.

The Display of the no!no! hair removal device.  The Treatment Level indicator is shown on the left, The Thermicon Tip Status indicator is on the right.

It is best to begin treatment on the lowest treatment level (indicated by one bar), and gradually work up to a higher power setting.

3.  Begin treatment on smooth, flat areas, such as the arms and legs.  Note: Best results are achieved when the hair is at least stubble length.

4.  Hold the device at a 90-degree angle to the skin with the LCD facing the user, and glide it in one direction in a smooth and slow motion, against the grain of hair growth (towards the body).

Note: The blue light on the device will indicate if the user is using the device properly.  Keep the blue light lit and steady.  If a red light appears, the device is being glided too fast, or too slow.  Restart the no!no!, and let the device’s blue light act as a guide.

Users may notice a slight odor while gliding.  This is perfectly normal, and is simply the smell of hair being crystallized.  This smell will dissipate quickly, and it is an anticipated side effect to the device.

4.  After a treatment has been performed, use the included no no buffer pads to exfoliate the skin.  This will remove any residual crystallized hairs on the skin.

5.  For best results, the no!no! should be used two to three times per week for six weeks.  Some hairs may take more, or less time to be completely removed.  The more the device is used, the less hair the user will have over time.

6.  The device’s Thermicon tips will have to be replaced occasionally, and they typically last for about 2 to 3 hours of continuous use (enough time for numerous treatments on the entire body).  The LCD screen indicates the status of the Thermicon tips.

Specific Instructions for Using the device on your face:

Using it on the upper lip:

– Use the lowest treatment level.
– Begin under the nose, and work outwards.
– After treatment, lightly buff the area with the no!no! buffer pads.  If facial hair remains, return to the area after several minutes of rest.
– Note: Do not go over a single area multiple times.  Do not treat over the lips.  If irritation occurs, do not continue with the device’s use.

Using it on the chin and jaw area:

– Use the lowest treatment level, and the narrow Thermicon tip.
– Pull the skin straight and purse the lips inwards to make a smooth, straight line.
– Start treatment below the jaw and chin line, and glide the no!no! upwards and around the curve of the jaw and chin.
– After treatment, the area should be lightly buffed.
– Note: Do not go over the same area multiple times.  As with other areas, if irritation occurs, do not continue using the device.

Using it on sideburns:

– Use the lowest treatment level, with the narrow Thermicon tip.
– Pull the skin straight to create a straight and smooth surface.
– Starting at the base of the chin, glide the device upwards, following the natural curve of the face.
– After hair removal treatment, the skin should be lightly buffed.
– If hair remains over the treated area, the skin can be treated again after a few minutes of rest.

Using it on other parts of the face:

It is not recommended to use the no!no! on eyebrows.  The light from the Thermicon tip can cause eye irritation. Additionally, mistakes can be made, and the no!no! provides permanent hair removal.  It is also not recommended that users use it around the eye and eyelid, as this skin is very sensitive.

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