evoDerma LUMI Review – Permanent Hair Removal at Home

What is the evoDerma LUMI?

The evoDerma LUMI IPL is an at-home laser hair removal product that allows users to achieve permanent hair removal on all parts of their body at a fraction of the cost of a hair removal session at a professional clinic or spa.  It is lightweight, compact, and very easy to use.  Designed for both women and men, the evoDerma LUMI can provide users with professional quality permanent hair removal, saving hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on other hair removal methods.

The device uses a very similar technology that is utilized in spas and dermatology offices for permanent hair removal.  This technology, called Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, is based on the concept of photothermolysis.  This word, when it is broken apart, means that the device uses light energy to create heat, which disables the growth of hair.  This is very similar to what occurs in professional clinics, except a professional clinic will most likely utilize a laser for hair removal.

How does evoDerma LUMI work?

IPL vs. Laser Hair Removal

Although very similar, there are some minor differences that exist when IPL (intense pulse light) and laser hair removal are compared.  The evoDerma LUMI utilizes IPL, which emits much broader wavelengths of light than a laser would.  This makes the evoDerma LUMI much more effective, and faster, at removing unwanted or unsightly body hair than a laser.  This broader wavelength of light released by the evoDerma LUMI allows it to target thin hairs, as well as thicker hairs, much more effectively than a laser.

How do I use the evoDerma LUMI?

The evoDerma LUMI hair removal system is very easy to use.  First, the user should shave, clean, and completely dry the skin they wish to perform hair removal on.  Additionally, they should also remove any makeup, creams, deodorants, or any other products that may be on the skin.  After the skin is ready for treatment, hold the evoDerma LUMI’s applicator tip against the skin, press the treatment button, and wait for the pulse of light.  Slide the applicator to a different part of the skin, and press the treatment button again.  Repeat this process until the skin has been fully treated. The evoDerma LUMI should again be used two weeks after the initial treatment.  This allows the device to target hairs as they enter into their growth phase.  For more information on the phases of hair growth, Click Here.  A typical full cycle of hair growth can take as long as 18 months.  This is why, for best results, the LUMI should be used every two weeks for about eight weeks.  After eight weeks, only minor touch up sessions should need to be performed.

Are there any side effects of evoDerma LUMI?

The evoDerma LUMI is a very safe at home hair removal device.  Using technology that has been utilized in clinics around the world for more than fifteen years, the LUMI has been deemed safe and reliable by dermatologists, and other medical professionals.  However, for individuals with dark skin tones, the evoDerma LUMI should not be used.  This is due to the fact that the Intense Pulse Light that is emitted by the device targets a pigment in the hair called melanin, which is also present in large quantities in the skin of those with darker complexions.

Is the evoDerma LUMI safe for my skin?

For those with light complexion, and brown to black hair color, the evoDerma LUMI should work exceptionally well.  For those who might be concerned if the device will work for their skin tone, the evoDerma LUMI features a built-in skin tone sensor that automatically inhibits the device in the case that the skin is too dark to treat safely.  If the skin sensor detects that the skin is deemed too dark for safe treatment, a pulse of light cannot be delivered.

Can I use evoDerma LUMI on my face?

The evoDerma LUMI hair removal device is not intended to be used on the face, neck, or head.

How much is the evoDerma LUMI hair removal system?

The evoDerma LUMI traditionally sells for $649.

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