illuMask Anti-Aging Phototherapy Mask Product Review

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The illuMask Anti-Aging Phototherapy Mask is a light-based product that is designed to eliminate or reduce all of the most significant signs of aging, including dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. It uses technology very similar to what has been utilized by dermatologists and other skin care professionals for many years. The company has also produced a product designed to help reduce the appearance of acne, called the illuMask Anti-Acne Light Therapy Mask.

illuMask Aging Device

illuMask Anti-Aging Phototherapy Mask

Product Overview

The illuMask (often misspelled illumi mask and ilumi mask) Anti-Aging Phototherapy Mask is an innovative, affordable device that is designed to promote younger, more vibrant looking skin with just a single daily use. Using powerful light emitting diodes (LEDs), the illuMask Anti-Aging Mask is designed to fight the signs of aging by improving the user’s skin tone and texture, resulting in firmer, more elastic looking skin. The hands-free, doctor-recommended, and clinically proven device is intended to help revive the user’s skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as the appearance of dark spots on the user’s face.

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How To Use

The illuMask Anti-Aging Phototherapy Mask is exceptionally easy to use, and can even be used completely hands-free. Instructions for how to use the device are included below.

1) Wash and dry the face in order to remove any dirt, oil, and makeup from the skin.

2) Complete your normal skin care and anti-aging regimen.

3) Open the over-ear arms of the illuMask and wear the device like you would a pair of glasses.

4) Press and hold the Power button on the controller for one second to turn the device on.

5) The red and infrared lights of the illuMask will illuminate for fifteen minutes.

6) The device will automatically shut off after a fifteen minute treatment session has been completed. If you need to turn the device off before the fifteen minutes is complete, press and hold the Power button for one second.

7) After each session, the number of sessions remaining on the device will be indicated.

It is important that users remember to pull his or her hair out from underneath the mask before the device is in use. Although it is not dangerous to leave the hair in place reviews indicate that removing the hair will ensure that users get the most out of each treatment session. Users may choose to close their eyes during each treatment, but the device is safe to be worn with the eyes open, as well.

illuMask Aging How To

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Duration of Treatment

When used one time each day as part of a daily skin care and anti-aging routine, 96% of users reported that their skin tone appeared more even, and they noticed a significant reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just four weeks of use. With thirty fifteen minute anti-aging sessions included with the illluMask LEDs, users can use the device one time per day for an entire month.

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Who Can Use

The illuMask Anti-Aging Phototherapy Device has been designed to be safe for a wide range of individuals. It has been shown to be safe on men and women with all skin tones from very light to very dark, as well as skin types from oily to dry. This allows the illuMask to be used by a much wider range of people compared to many other at-home light treatments.

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Parts of the Body Treated

The illuMask Phototherapy Mask is designed to be used on the face, where the most noticeable signs of aging tend to appear first. This easy to use, easy to wear mask is designed to target the forehead, cheeks, crow’s feet, and laugh lines, while also targeting any areas where dark spots may be present on the face.

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Safety Features

The illuMask device is designed to automatically power off after each fifteen minute treatment session. This helps ensure that users do not experience any harmful side effects if they happen to fall asleep during a treatment session, or wear the device for too long for any other reason. However, the light utilized by the illuMask Phototherapy Mask has been proven to be safe for many years by dermatologists and other anti-aging professionals in clinics and spas across the world.

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Side Effects

The illuMask uses a combination of red and infrared light to deliver treatment to users. These therapeutic wavelengths of light have been proven to be effective at reducing the signs of aging, without causing any adverse side effects for the individual receiving them. The LEDs of the illuMask deliver these save wavelengths, but no harmful UV light. This means that users will not experience suntans, sunburns, or any of the negative side effects of ultraviolet light.

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Replacement Parts

Of the many convenient features of the illuMask Anti-Aging Phototherapy Mask, one of the most convenient features is the device’s lack of necessary replacement parts. The mask uses LEDs, and an included battery, to deliver healthy red and infrared light to the user’s face over a period of thirty days without the need to replace a battery, lamp cartridge, or other component.

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Red and infrared lights have been used by dermatologists and other skin care professionals for many years to treat a variety of different skin conditions. The particular wavelengths of light that red and infrared light represent are known to penetrate deep beneath the surface of the skin to address the signs of aging that many topical ointments cannot. Each component of light that is delivered by the illuMask is designed to address a specific sign of aging that many people begin to experience as they get older.

The red light delivered by the mask is designed to even the appearance of the user’s skin tone, while reducing the toughness of the skin. It can also help reduce the appearance of dark spots on the surface of the skin. Therapeutic red light has also been shown to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and increase skin collagen levels. This can help the skin appear more vibrant, youthful, and also improve the skin’s overall complexion and elasticity.

The infrared light delivered by the illuMask is designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, one of the most noticeable signs of aging that people complain of. By combining red and infrared light together into a single device, the illuMask Anti-Aging Phototherapy Device allows consumers to get the most out of a single treatment session.

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The Silk’n FaceFX Anti-Aging Light Device is designed to promote enhanced circulation, increased collagen levels, and an overall appearance of more youthful skin. It is developed by Home Skinovations.

The Facial Toner Machine, a device that has been developed by Flex Gear, is a nerve stimulation device designed to enhance the tone of the muscles of facial expression, thereby improving the overall youthful appearance of the face.

The NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device is a product that utilizes several different technologies, including microcurrent and infrared light technology to help firm and tighten the skin, leaving it more youthful in its appearance.

The TANDA Luxe Skin Rejuvenation Device uses red and infrared light therapy to promote the production of elastin and collagen in the skin, two proteins that help the skin maintain its firm, youthful appearance.

Another alternative to the illuMask, the TriPollar POSE, is a device that is designed to provide users with a natural body lift in the matter of just a few minutes by reducing cellulite and tightening the skin.

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Before and After

illuMask Aging BeforeilluMask Aging After

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The goal of the illuMask is to combine the most effective treatment possible, at a price that the largest number of consumers could afford. At a cost of under $30.00 ($29.97), the illuMask can be used for less than one dollar per day. This is a much more affordable option than the services that are provided by many dermatologists specializing in anti-aging treatments. If you are trying to find out where to buy illuMask, it can be purchased at major in-store and online retailers.

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  • Carmen (7 years ago) Reply

    Purchased one of these mask today. Will report back, but wondering why this unit has only a limited number of uses.....I have a problem trusting in anything that may require you to purchase the product again to see results. Reminds me of those infomercials for anti aging products where you have to join a membership to purchase the product, and they send you the products every three months automatically.....Do you women ever wonder why these infomercial products are not out competing with the high end products in Major Department Stores? And if the product really worked, do you think any woman would have to be reminded or forget to order it?? Come on now women, we are more intelligent than that. But I will give new things a shot, and if it doesn't provide results as advertised, I will speak out.

  • Sean Brown (7 years ago) Reply

    Carmen, illuMask's primary goal with their line of products is to make them as affordable as possible. The device has the capacity to provide 30 15 minute sessions. Beyond this, the device begins to lose its ability to provide effective results. If the mask were able to provide more than thirty high quality light treatments, then it would have to cost more, and would not be as affordable for as many consumers.

    Please report back to us with your results, we would love to hear them!

    • in reply to Sean Brown #2
      Debbie (7 years ago) Reply

      So... you have to buy a mask every 30 days? What happens if you don't continue after 30 days? I imagine you loose whatever improvement was made? But, does your skin get worse than it was before you even tried the mask?

  • Barb (7 years ago) Reply

    I have had a lot of stress in 2013, and it shows in my face. I found this on a clearance end cap in Wal Mart. I thought it was on sale, but obviously from what I read here, it was regular price. I hope it helps, though. Because I don't like what I see when I look in the mirror. I will write a review if I see results.

  • Sarah (7 years ago) Reply

    I've used the mask for 2 weeks. It looks like the skin under my eyes has tightened. I really wanted the skin under my jaw to tighten. Still hopeful.

  • KarlaQ (7 years ago) Reply

    I picked one these up this past Monday. I've used this mask (4) times for 15 minutes each time and I've already had noticeable results! After the age of 40, I started noticing fine lines under my eyes, the "spider web" of wrinkles on the tops of my cheeks and vertical lines around my mouth. After countless attempts to use high-end and drugstore products and hundreds of dollars spent, nothing has worked until now! This thing is truly ahh-mazing! After just (3) uses, I noticed the crisscross lines on my cheeks have dramatically softened and my overall skin texture is smoother. It is comfortable to wear and much more affordable than going to a Doctor's office to get the same results. I didn't think something that costs just $1 day would work but I was wrong. I'm going to keep using this product and will write more here after I have completed the 30 sessions it says to do on the box.

  • Sheila DeVries (7 years ago) Reply

    I bought the mask and after 2 uses, the area around my eyes became very red and raw, painfully so, and my entire face peeled, even though I never had a any signs of a sunburn. Not sure what happened or why I reacted like this. Bummed because I still have 28 uses left and can't use it. I can't even put anything on my face except coconut oil without severe stinging and burning. It's almost healed up at least.

    • in reply to Sheila DeVries #2
      Tara Reed (7 years ago) Reply

      Shelia were you using any eye products that contain retin-a or retinol. These products should not be used in combination with infrared light

  • Christina (7 years ago) Reply

    This mask is awe some ! I used it for first time and I literally felt this wonderful calming and energy from it and I fell asleep le sigh!y skin feels amazing and this is my first time. I think I'm a lifer ! My dark circles lightened up immediately, I usually avoid the sun and have fair dry skin, with red cheeks but after this treatment my skin was soft felt tighter and evened color I can't wait til thirty days

  • Kat (7 years ago) Reply

    I have used this now for the full 30 days! I am 41 and have always struggled with breakouts and the uneven skin color. I can say I have just purchased my second one today and will continue. My results are amazing. My skin has NEVER been clearer and smoother, even through that pesky monthly cycle that does my skin in. I have got a couple of blemishes while using the illumask but they do not last and do not get near as big and yucky as in the past. Can't say it is for everyone but it is certainly for me!

  • Robin (7 years ago) Reply

    Been using the mask for 16 days and it is fabulous! I am seeing great results and will buy again. Very relaxing too. I usually fall asleep while I use it.

  • (7 years ago) Reply

    Do you use cream on your face with the mask? If you do, what kind would you use? I don't want to burn my skin.

  • Debbie (7 years ago) Reply

    would like to know if you r suppose to use a moisturizer while the mask is on an which one should u use? I am afraid my face will burn while useing the mask. can someone give mesome feedback please? Does it firm the face? And im concern if u stop useing the mask that u will loose all results plus ur skin will go a step further an get deeper wrinkles/ like when u stop useing a hair product/ ur hair falls out!

  • heather welberry (7 years ago) Reply

    I am interested in getting one of these...I'm 41 and starting to see dark spots and fine lines. Is this good for those who are just barely noticing these things or should I wait until they really bother me and just keep using my retinal night cream for now ??

  • cara (7 years ago) Reply

    I have been using both the anti-aging mask and the acne mask, both 15 min a day, for the past 2 weeks. No obvious improvement in signs of aging, and I'm 56 so there are plenty of signs! I have had cystic breakouts on chin for, well, forever, and am on retinoid cream for that. Too early to tell if the acne treatment mask is helping. As for using retinol products & any other anti-aging face products at same time as the masks, I have had no problems whatsoever. Will check back here when my 30-day treatments are completed to let you know if they worked.

  • Kathy (7 years ago) Reply

    I have used my mask 3 times.......after I showered today, I noticed my forehead and cheek bone area very a sunburn!! I feel that the mask is working, but now I'm afraid to use it anymore as I'm worried it is burning my skin!! Is this normal? Could I use it every other day, and if so, will I still get results?

  • Julie kate (7 years ago) Reply

    I use, and have used retain a for 6 years. Is it safe for me to use illumask?

    • in reply to Julie kate #2
      CJ (6 years ago) Reply

      I love this mask!! I am 46 yrs old and have seen the benefits after the first 30 days. I will continue to use the masks - I believe it is a fair price for the results. I hope to see continual improvement.

  • Courtney (7 years ago) Reply

    Can I put the acne illu mask on with a sun burn ?????

  • Patricia (6 years ago) Reply

    I am 62 and have always had good skin, but I noticed that when I reached my 60's my skin was going down hill real fast no matter what I used and I have spent as much as 169.00 for a moisturizer that only last 30 days. I saw the illumask for 30.00 and decided to give it a try, not really expecting any noticeable results. I have been using it for about 2 weeks and I am impressed with what I see. My skin tone is more even, brighter, tighter in certain areas, lessened dark circles under my eyes. The best part is what people are commenting on without any prompting on my part. Comments such as, "you look well rested" "your skin looks great" "Have you had work done" and even "I would never guess you were going on 63, early 50's at the most" anyway at 1.00 a day it's worth it, I will continue to use this product!!

  • Anna (6 years ago) Reply

    Hi I just purchased this, I am 29 years old I was wondering if it's safe for me to use this or not? All the reviews are form 40 and older ppl. So this got me curious, I just want to prevent wrinkles that I see where I smile

  • J Gorgas (5 years ago) Reply

    is there anything you can do to have thee life extend more than 30 days? New batteries etc.?

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