Silk’n FaceFX Anti-Aging Light Device Review

The Silk’n FaceFX Anti-Aging Light Device is a remarkable, handheld wireless product designed to provide its users with healthy looking, smoother skin, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, reducing the size of pores, and improving the coloration and texture of the skin.  The device uses light-based technology to deliver safe and effective skin treatments in the comfort and privacy of the user’s own home without surgery, and without harmful chemicals such as Botox.

Botox is the marketable name for a toxin called botulinum toxin A.  When consumed, this toxin causes extremely harmful effects of food poisoning, and in severe cases, paralysis.  Botox injections are simply injections of this harmful toxin.  The toxin paralyzes the muscles beneath the skin, causing them to tighten.  On top of the dangerous substance that it is, it is also very expensive.  A Botox injection over a large portion of the skin can cause as much as $900.  However, the safe and effective Silk’n FaceFX is only $299, and it can be used on a large portion of the face, multiple times.

Technology of FaceFX Light Therapy

The FaceFX uses a combination of technologies called Dermal Heat Technology and Deep Fractional Light Technology to provide users with the younger looking skin that they desire.  Deep Thermal heating stimulates collagen production in the skin, while targeting the tissue deep underneath the surface, allowing for dermal (skin) regeneration.  This anti-aging process provides users with long-term, radiant looking skin.

Deep Fractional Light Technology provides users with phototherapy (light-based treatment) with high-powered red light-emitting diodes (LEDs).  This red light stimulates fibroblast growth, cells that are responsible for collagen production.  At the same time, the LEDs also stimulate increased circulation in the skin, and stimulate new skin cells to develop in place of older ones.  The combination of these technologies leaves the users with younger looking skin with smaller pores, fewer wrinkles, and reduced skin tone imperfections.

The fractional aspect of this technology means that the treatment light is dispersed over a wide portion of the user’s skin.  Not only does this allow a larger, broader portion of the skin to be treated at one time, but it also allows for less discomfort during a treatment.

Before the skin is treated, imperfections are clearly visible.  After just a few rounds of FaceFX treatments, less imperfections are visible.

Areas of the Face That Can Be Treated with the Silk’n FaceFX

The majority of the face can be treated with the FaceFX Anti-Aging Device.  Users can treat his or her forehead, on the cheeks, around the corners of the mouth on laugh lines, on the neck, under the eyes, and around the eyes for the treatment of crow’s feet.  It is recommended, however, that when treating around the eyes, users keep his or her eyes closed.

How To Use the Silk’n FaceFX

The FaceFX device is very easy to use.  First, the device should be charged overnight, or for six to eight hours before a treatment session.  Prior to its use, the user should wash and dry his or her face.  After the Face FX is powered on, it should be glided smoothly across the user’s face without pausing on any one particular part of the skin or face.  For more information, see the FaceFX Video below.  A typical treatment session should last between 15 and 20 minutes.  During the user’s first month using the FaceFX, they should perform three sessions per week.  After the first month, only one treatment per week will be necessary.


Silk’n FaceFX Before and After Photos


(Left) Before.  (Right) After 1 month of treatment with the FaceFX.  Note that there are less visible smoke lines, and the corners of the mouth have been lifted.


(Left) Before.  (Right) After 1 month of using the FaceFX device.  Notice the improved overall skin texture, with shallower lines visible in the cheek.

(Left) Before. (Right) After 1 month of using the FaceFX, the user’s skin tone is significantly improved.


(Left) Before. (Right) After 1 month of use.  Note that less smoker lines are visible.


(Left) Before use. (Right) After using the FaceFX.  Siginificant reduction in forehead wrinkles.


(Left) Before treatment. (Right) After 3 months of using the FaceFX Anti-Aging Device, the laugh lines around this man’s eyes have been drastically reduced.

Side Effects of the Silk’n FaceFX Anti-Aging Device

The Silk’n FaceFX is a very safe and effective device that provides its users with smooth, clear, and younger looking skin.  It has very few side effects, none of which are major.  The side effect that is most reported is slight warmth in the skin over the area being treated.  Additionally, some users report slight redness on the treated area as well.  This, however, disappears within a few minutes after the treatment.  If, however, the user’s skin begins to get too hot or irritated, they should stop the treatment, and allow the skin to cool before beginning again.

Is the FaceFX Worth It?

At just $299, the Silk’n FaceFX Anti-Aging Light Device is a low-cost alternative to surgical remedies for treatment wrinkles, skin discolorations, and other signs of aging.  Even a relatively inexpensive treatment, Botox injections, costs substantially more, and make users subject themselves to a dangerous, potentially lethal toxin.  This, on top of being able to provide treatment in the comfort and privacy of the user’s own home, make the Silk’n FaceFX a worthwhile investment.


  • Peggy (9 years ago) Reply

    I had gortex filler put in my frown lines to smooth them out will this device be a problem for me. Can I still use it?

  • Lee (4 years ago) Reply

    Why was this question ignored!!!!!?

    I had Juvederme filler injections & need the same answer!!!

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